Now’s the Time for That Bike You Wanted

Now’s the Time for That Bike You Wanted

You’ve talked about getting an exercise bike but for some reason you didn’t pull the trigger. Now’s your opportunity to take aim and get in the rider’s seat!

Landice is running a super special on our residential and commercial upright and recumbent bikes — an amazing $900 off!!! These discounts are for a limited time only*.

Get on a Landice Bike Now, Before They’re All Gone

Whether you’re looking to stay in shape or lose weight a Landice Upright or Recumbent bike can help you achieve your goal. These self-powered bikes can go just about anywhere in your home or facility. They provide a low-impact cardiovascular activity so choose an Upright for a realistic outdoor ride with racing style handlebars or a Recumbent for extra back support with a step-through design.

These bikes will provide all the crucial workout information you need to get excellent results.The built-in programs and contact heart rate will assist you in burning the maximum amount of calories. Don’t forget to use the 20 different resistance settings that are at your fingertips to help engage the muscles in your legs: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and even the calf muscles. Working these muscles will help strengthen the surrounding bones and tendons.

If you love cycling, but prefer a bit more comfort than what you get on an outdoor cycling bike, the Landice Upright or Recumbent bike is your answer. The seats are much wider than those found on road bikes and feature thick padding for improved comfort.  The Recumbent bike comes with a ventilated back rest with 15 different length settings and the Upright has 12 height adjustments to accommodate any user’s height, allowing you to power through your ride.

So, no more excuses. Get a Landice engineered bike today.

Which one will you choose? Get both? This amazing deal won’t last long.




* Offer expires July 10, 2017 and cannot be combined with any other deal.

Landice Opens Online Store

Landice Opens Online Store

Now, you can buy Landice products 24 hours a day any day of the week. Our new online store is up and running and our complete selection of Home and Commercial machines are available for purchase.

The store has a secure shopping cart and payment gateway and we offer FREE SHIPPING and ASSEMBLY on all products bought online. Tax is already included in your final price so there are no hidden fees.

Landice still sells through an authorized and dedicated dealer network around the US. If you do purchase an item at the Landice Store, we will assign a local Landice dealer to deliver, install and service your product.  Our dealers also provide a retail location to try out a Landice product.

Click HERE to enter the store.

Landice Apps – Now Available!

Landice Apps – Now Available!

Need another reason to upgrade to Landice’s newest 90 series treadmills? The ability to connect your apps to on the Cardio and Executive models may just be the motivation you need.

These consoles come standard with Bluetooth and allow you to connect the treadmill and specific programs such as the Runsocial and the Landice apps.

  • RunSocial is the only treadmill video app in the world that combines social running with HD videos of amazing running routes. With RunSocial, you can explore wonderful, real locations with friends and others, wherever they are in the world. Once connected, RunSocial will show the treadmill speed and automatically control treadmill incline to match the video route. RunSocial runs on iPhone and iPad. Want to connect now? Scan this QR code to download this app:
  • The Lanidce App lets you use your iOs or Android device to collect and monitor your workout data on the 90 series Cardio and Executive Treadmills, which come with Bluetooth connectivity. The App enables you to review your workout history, create a user profile, and register your Landice product. It also has the ability to transfer your settings to the treadmill. The Android and iOs platforms allow you to post workout history to RunKeeper.


Health & Training Tips: Exercise Can Be a Boon to People With Parkinson’s Disease

Health & Training Tips: Exercise Can Be a Boon to People With Parkinson’s Disease

At Landice, we have always been strong advocates of a healthy lifestyles. Exercise is a major ingredient in this choice and the following excerpt from a recent New York Times article maintains this idea. For the full article, please click HERE.

Susan Sills, a Brooklyn artist who until recently made life-size cutouts on plywood using a power saw, long suspected she might be at risk for developing Parkinson’s disease. Both her mother and grandfather had this neurological movement disorder, and she knew that it sometimes runs in families.

So she was not surprised when at age 72 she first noticed hand tremors and a neurologist confirmed that she had the disease. But to watch her in action three years later, it would be hard for a layperson to tell. She stands straight, walks briskly, speaks in clarion tones and maintains a schedule that could tire someone half her age.

Ms. Sills attributes her energy and well-being partly to the medication she takes but primarily to the hours she spends working out with a physical therapist and personal trainer, who have helped her develop an exercise regimen that, while not a cure, can alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms and slow progression of the disease.

“The exercises opened me up,” said Ms. Sills, allowing such symptoms as small steps, slow movements and tiny, cramped handwriting to subside.

“The earlier people begin exercising after a Parkinson’s diagnosis, and the higher the intensity of exercise they achieve, the better they are,” Marilyn Moffat, a physical therapist on the faculty of New York University, said. “Many different activities have been shown to be beneficial, including cycling, boxing, dancing and walking forward and backward on a treadmill. If someone doesn’t like one activity, there are others that can have equally good results.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Moffat added, “no one tells people with Parkinson’s what they could and should be doing unless they get to a physical therapist.”

While everyone can benefit from exercise, it is especially important for people with a progressive movement disorder like Parkinson’s that can result in weakness, stiffness, difficulty walking, poor balance and falls, as well as impaired cognitive processing. Regular exercise bestows increased levels of fitness; a greater sense of well-being; stronger muscles and bones; healthier joints; more efficient breathing; and better digestion and blood circulation. The result is enhanced physical, mental and cognitive health, all of which are especially important to people with a chronic ailment.

For Parkinson’s patients in particular, regular exercise tailored to their needs can result in better posture; less stiffness; improved flexibility of muscles and joints; faster and safer walking ability; less difficulty performing the tasks of daily living; and an overall higher quality of life.

The exercise program that has mainly helped Ms. Sills, called L.S.V.T. BIG, evolved from the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program – L.S.V.T. LOUD — created to improve the speech of Parkinson’s patients, who tend to talk more and more softly. Developed specifically to counter the unique movement impairments associated with Parkinson’s, it trains patients to “make big strong movements, not little weak ones,” Ms. Sills said, for example, taking big steps and swinging your arms widely when you walk. “This is the normal way to walk, but not when you have Parkinson’s, but it no longer feels strange to me,” she said.


New Landice Treadmills are Here!

New Landice Treadmills are Here!

As Landice approaches its 50th anniversary as manufacturer of the world’s leading fitness products, we are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved line of treadmills – the 90 series.

These new treadmills are built with the latest engineering insights from the Landice product development team and feature significant cosmetic and ergonomic improvements driven by customer and dealer feedback over the years.

The new line is available now and encompasses products for both the Residential and Commercial markets.

What’s New?
One of the first things you will notice is that the upright frame construction has changed from three separate elements, which consisted of two support arms and a crossbar, to a single U-shaped structure. This new design ensures a sturdy and smooth ride where the only “rock and roll” you will experience will come from your music selection.

Resting atop the upright will be a newly formatted console that is smaller and streamlined. The panel has raised chrome bezel buttons and a built-in fan is located on the top of the console. The panels offer the same programming functionality found in previous Executive, Cardio, Pro Sports and Pro Trainer models. The Executive and Cardio come with Bluetooth connectivity. The Cardio and Pro Sports panels have an upgraded LCD screen, offering better contrast.

Directly below the panel are two cup holders located on either side of the upright and a centered platform for resting electronic devices along with USB for charging connectivity. In front of the platform is a mini panel giving you quick access to Resume and Stop buttons along with plus and minus silicone sealed switches for Speed and Incline.

Alongside the mini panel are contact heart rate monitors found standard on all models. Residential models come with a wireless chest strap. An integrated, unencumbered lanyard safety system is located at the base of the mini panel.

The upright, panel, handrails, and base of the machines are designed in an attractive two-tone grey palette will complement any workout location.

Get to your local dealer now and get the newest in Landice technology today!



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