Need another reason to upgrade to Landice’s newest 90 series treadmills? The ability to connect your apps to on the Cardio and Executive models may just be the motivation you need.

These consoles come standard with Bluetooth and allow you to connect the treadmill and specific programs such as the Runsocial and the Landice apps.

  • RunSocial is the only treadmill video app in the world that combines social running with HD videos of amazing running routes. With RunSocial, you can explore wonderful, real locations with friends and others, wherever they are in the world. Once connected, RunSocial will show the treadmill speed and automatically control treadmill incline to match the video route. RunSocial runs on iPhone and iPad. Want to connect now? Scan this QR code to download this app:
  • The Lanidce App lets you use your iOs or Android device to collect and monitor your workout data on the 90 series Cardio and Executive Treadmills, which come with Bluetooth connectivity. The App enables you to review your workout history, create a user profile, and register your Landice product. It also has the ability to transfer your settings to the treadmill. The Android and iOs platforms allow you to post workout history to RunKeeper.